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The RV Life: It’s heeeeere!!!

November 9, 2014

How’s this for a sitcom set up: A guy is stuck in a Holiday Inn in New Hampshire for a few days waiting for his girlfriend’s RV to be fixed, and then driving for 15 hours (halfway across the country) to her….. all with her professorial father.

Who he doesn’t know very well.

Hilarious, if you ask me.

But that’s exactly how it went down.

2014-10-23 15.24.41

My mens with beards

Apparently, my dad was planning on surprising me and helping Phillip drive the rig from New Hampshire to Ohio. (He’s sweet like that) I found out the surprise when the rig ended up being as overdue as a stubborn baby. (I also felt cranky at it’s lateness, as I’ve heard many an expectant mother lamenting in the same way.)

Phillip hasn’t gotten a lot of face-time in with my dad in our year of dating, so I was worried about how he would feel about a one-on-one with my dad that ended up stretching into days upon days of quality time.

Thankfully, both men involved in this scenario are extremely laid back individuals, so when they turned up a few days late on my motels doorstep, they were both happy, a little tired, and thoroughly bonded. Dad seems to be happy with my current choice of living partner, and Phillip has spent every subsequent day bringing up some funny story my dad told him, or something quirky that he loves about my dad’s personality, or something that he learned from one of dad’s lengthy, yet fascinating stories. So whatever happened in the intervening days, it went well, to say the least.

2014-10-25 12.11.34-1

Home sweet home!

Dad had to turn right around and fly away, unfortunately, so he only got to spend one night in the rig on the pull out couch. (A full queen!) He said it was comfy enough, which is good news since I’m hoping he makes a return trip soon!

We moved the rig to our campsite in Jackson Lake Park, about 30 minutes south of Columbus, and set everything up. Phillip plugged us in with water, electric, and sewage (yuck) and I unpacked and organized over a three day period. Transitioning from living out of your suitcase and into a housecar requires some organizational tricks I didn’t anticipate. For example, I used to just shove all of my toiletries in a tupperware and take things out as I needed them. Now, with my newly acquired shelf space, I had need to get small, shallow organizing boxes to sort everything out.

And thus, my love of all things house-organizing began.

2014-10-27 15.13.37

TJ Maxx and Target didn’t know what it ’em….

2014-10-27 16.13.17

Let the nesting begin…

I had some old collapsable shelves that I used to cram into a suitcase to move from city to city and, as they are not built for multiple removals and re-hangings, they were falling apart. So we replaced them with a new set, and I was relieved to find that all of my clothes and shoes fit nicely in my closet, leaving the rest of the drawers in the bedroom for Phillip’s clothes. (His only take up about a cabinet and a half. My, it’s easy to be a boy sometimes…)

2014-10-28 23.42.49

2014-10-29 00.28.35

<– Before and After! –>

We began the redecorating process slowly, with the easy stuff first- a few throw rugs, a new separator curtain for the bedroom/bathroom, and a new comforter, although that may change as the bedroom develops. (I think the pattern is a bit too busy for a bedroom. I’m now thinking I need something a bit more serene, and may make that comforter into a few throw pillows for the living room!)

2014-10-27 16.21.19

2014-10-27 16.27.16

<– Before and After –>

2014-10-27 16.39.17

2014-10-27 16.41.29

<– New curtain to separate the bedroom and bathroom. Fun fact #1- It’s actually a shower curtain! Fun Fact #2 – The tie was from the comforter packaging! –>

2014-10-29 00.24.52

Copeland, being as helpful as ever

We bought our first piece of original art for the housecar at the Columbus ComicCon, a sweet sleeping bunny for our future serene bedroom.

2014-11-09 11.21.27

Soft bunny, warm bunny, little ball of fur…

That lovely piece of art that came with the RV is somehow stuck to the wall, so we are figuring out how to remove the offending piece of art and replace it with something less… geriatric-ly generic.

2014-11-09 11.20.58

A Thomas Kinkade, no doubt…

Meanwhile, I’m still gathering ideas for the BIG redecorating projects- the drapes, the couch covers, and the new wall colors- any suggestions?