The RV World, Week 3

The true story…

… of one thirty-something couple (and their pets)…

… choosing to live in an RV…

…travel the country together and have their lives blogged about…

…to find out what happens when people stop being polite…

… and start living in an RV.

The RV World – Day 16

When living in an essentially enclosed system, you become hyper aware of things you never knew about yourself before. For example, do you know how much water you use in any given day? Well, thanks to this experience, I do.

We use about a full tank of grey water every three days. (That’s 38 gallons, fyi.) I know this because a little sensor in the kitchen area turns red when it’s full, at which point Phillip has to go outside and pull a plug to drain it. I haven’t braved this chore yet… so it’s still a mysterious and innately Phillip thing to do.

So that’s about 6 gallons per person, per day. And honestly, since we have a 6 gallon hot water tank, and we each take about one shower per day (sometimes more…), plus some water for dishes and brushing teeth it makes total sense.

Oh, and yes, we have graduated from taking showers in the communal showers to shorter, but just as warm, showers in the rig.

So now the question of whether we are going to get one permanently comes down to how much I will miss my 20 minute luxurious showers in ‘normal’ apartments…. who knew life decisions hung on such seemingly small considerations?

The RV Life – Day 20

Our most exciting adventure took place the last night in the rig. We got a call after the show from Brett and Joe, our neighbors two rigs down who are also crew members in the show with me. I was out on the town with friends, since it was our last chance before leaving Montreal for more American waters. I picked up the phone to a worried Joe. “Your hazards are blinking,” he reported. “But It’s ok, Brett reached in and turned them off.”

“But now the dog is going berzerk.”

Apparently one of our kids had hit the four-way lights, sending them blinking into the night, and right into our neighbors windows for at least a few hours. Lovely.

When Brett and Joe pulled into the park, they saw the blinking, but didn’t know whose rig it was. Hoping silently and incorrectly that it wasn’t mine, they checked and, sure enough, it was ours. So Brett used his go-go-gadget arms to reach in the unlocked drivers side door to turn them off, and set off our furry little house alarm.

Persistent little fellow that he is, he didn’t stop barking for at least an hour, until my face popped up in the drivers side window to shhhhh him into silence.

So the good news is that our house has a built in alarm. The bad news is that he’s annoying not only to potential burglars, but also to everyone else as well.

And also, we need to build a cover for all of the lights if we get a rig full time. Our kids apparently like to throw late night raves for themselves…. sigh.


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