The RV World- Week Two

The true story…

… of one thirty-something couple (and their pets)…

… choosing to live in an RV…

…travel the country together and have their lives blogged about…

…to find out what happens when people stop being polite…

… and start living in an RV.


The RV World – Day 8


Our pets seem to be adapting to life in a box well.


Well…. as well as a 70 lbs pit bull and slightly-insane bengal cat can.


Meaning that our cat has explored every last cabinet, nook, cranny, and air vent on the rig in the hopes of finding an escape route. (The cat is a regular Houdini, I swear.)


2014-08-29 15.38.45

“Yes. This will do nicely for my evil lair…”

He’s only escaped a few times, though, and after his third breakout attempt, I clipped his harness and leash on him and took him around the campground. I quickly learned that he really isn’t interested in escaping as much as eating grass.

So, turns out, instead of a tiny wildcat, he’s just a furry cow.

Mikko, on the other hand, is taking to RV life like a pro.

He’s just about two years old and we don’t usually trust him outside of his crate when we aren’t at home in our rental apartments around the country. But there just isn’t enough space in the RV’s walkway for his crate. So he’s thoroughly enjoying his newfound freedom when we leave the RV.

As far as we can tell, he busies himself with napping exclusively on our bed.

2014-08-29 15.38.36

“This is my bed. Sometimes my humans try to sleep here too…. but it’s really just mine.”

For the first week, the kids spent most of their time in the front cab of the car. We are in a 30′ Class C, which means it has a Ford van cab in the front.

When we first moved in, the kids explored the rig with their usual curiosity, but when they saw the drivers cab, they stationed themselves up there often, expecting to take off at any moment. After all, they spend a lot of the year driving around the country with me in my Prius, which has a dashboard and two seats, just like the Ford cab.

So when they recognized the layout, they took their usual positions of cat-on-dash-with-dog-in-seat and kept looking at us expectantly, waiting to drive this weird house/car to our next city.

When Phillip and I do drive away in our Prius to go to work or explore Montreal, they rush to the front cab to watch us go, and maybe to try to figure out how to move this huge car and follow us down the road.

The RV World – Day 11

Do you want to get to know somebody? Live with them.

Do you want to see someone’s true self in every situation? Live with them on tour.

Do you want to know if you can really stand a person in almost every way? Live with them in an RV.

When I embarked on this RV-experiment, I joked that if I could make it out of the RV in three weeks without punching everyone in my family at least once, I would consider living in an RV full time.

Two weeks in, and the status is….. good… ish.

Don’t get me wrong. My boyfriend is the most wonderful partner in the entire universe, and my pets are adorable and fun…. but we live in a tiny, tiny box. We are bound to get on each other’s nerves. Right?


See, I’ve been lucky enough to pick the most amazingly patient boyfriend in all the land, so mostly everything is great in couple-land. Sure, there’s been a few “CLOSE THE DOOR!” shouting incidents, trying to keep our cat inside that has hurt some feelings… and maybe there was an incident involving a door slamming on someone else’s finger accidentally … (I still feel bad about that) But really and truly, I have to give credit where credit is due- I never could live in a tiny box with anyone else besides my kind, loving, and extremely understanding boyfriend Phillip.

My pets, on the other hand….

Just kidding. They’re great. Yes, Mikko chases the cat like it’s his job. And yes, it kinda feels like a baby elephant is tap dancing on the roof when he does…. but seeing as Copeland spent most of Mikko’s first year on earth slapping him in the face with a paw and running away, hoping to get chased, I can understand where the pup gets the bad habit.

And yes, Copeland is plotting his great escape every time we open a door, but for the most part he stays inside or, if he manages to slip by, doesn’t run far before plopping down in some grass to graze and rolling around on his back.

So for the most part, the relationships in my family are intact, and as of Day 11, no punches have been thrown. Not intentionally, at least….


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