Hong Kong- Day One! Introducing Maggie Lee, Fish markets, the longest escalator/slide walk in the world (!) and one AMAZING view!

Bye Bye Beijing….

Hello Hong Kong!

Got up early to catch a flight to see my good friend Maggie Lee in Hong Kong! She was ready for me at the airport, and after dropping off my bags at her apartment downtown, we began our exploration of the city. Not even a block from her front door is an amazing Chinese fish market, so I couldn’t resist snapping shot after shot.

Fish market, Hong Kong Style!

We rode a trolly, which was one of Hong Kong’s first modes of travel, according to Maggie, up to SOHO, a shopping area of Hong Kong. We rode the longest slidewalk/escalator in the world, also according to Maggie, and if it’s not the longest, it’s defiantly in the running.

Maggie enjoying the longest sidewalk!

After exploring the side streets and little markets, we hit the subway for a surprise Maggie planned for me. She had me close my eyes once we emerged from the subway and guided me to this…

AMAZING VIEW of Hong Kong! It’s a really famous place to go, and was filled with tourists and lovers taking snapshot after snapshot. We rode the famous Star Ferry back to the other side, and I found out it was Maggie’s first time too! We went home to rest up for the next day- we only had the afternoon today to explore, but Maggie had a full itinerary for us tomorrow!

~ ~ ~

More of Hong Kong… as if you can get enough…

The sun in Beijing, and the smog, of course!

A typical Hong Kong street – busy and colorful!

Have an enemy? Apparently this is the lady to go see- there are people that hang out under the overpass that will slap the name of your enemy with a shoe and basically curse them for you. Voodoo, Hong Kong Style! 

How is it that I easily find the Bank of America in Hong Kong and not in half the cities I go to on tour?!?!

Another Hong Kong street scene- just like Rush Hour 2!

The Hong Kong Subway! Easy, no?

Hong Kong Cityscape- see the red sampan boat?

Hong Kong by night – and by ferry.

 Maggie’s beautiful wedding album.. or pre-wedding album… whatever. It’s really awesome, whatever it is!

Maggie’s dog, Bobo, waiting for us to come home

~ ~ ~

– All Images are Copyright Selena Moshell Photography 2012 –

– All rights reserved –

– Please do not use or republish images without written permission –

~ It helps if you say please! =) ~


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