Day Three- Church, Football, and Sushi?? In Africa?!

Today we got up and literally put on our Sunday Best for a service at the oldest church in Liberia. (A Baptist church, for those interested!) It was a BEAUTIFUL service, with a guest pastor from Long Island, NY, of all places, and we had a really good time. The choir was great, and featured one guy who was SO good, I swear he could have been in the Lion King if he came over to audition! So good!

The church’s hospitality division sat us down and welcomed us thoroughly after the service and prayed for our safety and success, which was lovely.The head of the hospitality division, Roberta, then gave us a tour of the original oldest church, where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  Everyone here has been so truly welcoming and happy to talk to us. At first they all seemed shy, but once you approach them, you find that Liberians are generous and very kind.

We had a leisurely lunch, then went out to a ‘suburb’ of sorts, and watched a local football (or “soccer,” for you Americans… =) game, which was awesome. Hundreds of local stood around a dirt field to watch the local teams play, and when a goal was made, everyone would rush onto the field as if the game was won for a few moments, then clear the field and proceed with the game.

We interviewed a local for the Greener Diamond documentary, and I made friends with a HUGE group of children and young adults as I took pictures. They all pressed up against me all around me, like a halo of people, wanting to see the pictures I took, and asking for the candy in my pockets. But once again, so well mannered, polite, sweet, and shy, all of them. Such beautiful people!!

Oh, and tonight, for dinner we bravely all had sushi. In Africa. Which we all thought we would never do- and you know what ?? It was FANTASTIC!

But if I’m dead in the morning you know why…. =)


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