What I did on Summer Vacation (or) My First Trip to Africa (or) Here I am. In Africa.


We all know the story of why I’m here.

(If not, please see this: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=423698097709)

But did you know it takes almost an entire DAY to travel here?

That there is only one flight per week here?

That most of the hotels have barbed wire surrounding the property here?

But wait… where is HERE?! …you must be wondering.


More specifically, the capital. Monrovia.

Almost 20 hours ago, I met my team (Anna-Mieke, CEO of MiaDonna, and Johnny Littlefield, host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) at Newark Airport to embark on this unique journey. We sat down in our seats and prepared for the first six-hour flight of the day, when during taxi out on the runway, the pilot abruptly turned the plane around and brought us back to another gate.

Sighing, I figured it was a typical flight delay (usually something like “Oh, there’s a part that needs replacing in the engine..” which is the LAST thing I want to hear them say. Can’t they just say they forgot the ice cream or something??”) but this time it was different. NYPD came on board to remove an old lady from the back of the plane! (You KNOW how dangerous those grandmother types can be… apparently she accused a flight attendant of stealing stuff from her while he helped her to the loo. Hmm)

Anna slyly recorded the whole thing, and the officer taking the woman off the plane joked- “you know this is already on Facebook, right?” Almost true…

After that, it was the typical six hour intercontinental flight. (Re: Painful as you try to cram yourself comfortable up against a window to sleep) We had a brief layover in Brussels, in which when we went back through security, they found a HUGE fishing knife Johnny had accidently left in his bag and gotten through all of LAX security with!!! I mean, when they took it out, it was like a machete!! Hilarious.

Then we had a surprisingly nicer six hour flight to Monrovia, featuring some of the best in-flight food I’ve ever had. Shocking.

Arriving in Monrovia was so interesting- it reminded me a lot of my trips to Central America- lush vegetation, with slightly run down, yet colorful houses. The only difference was the people- and the fact that a lot of women were actually carrying bundles on their heads! I don’t know why this surprised me. I always had assumed this was a stereotype of some sort.

Anyway, we’re checked into our barbed-wire hotel (with wi fi!!) for the night. Had a nice dinner (Indian food..?) and accidently ate some ice, so if I’m sick, we all know why… Big day of shooting tomorrow, so off to bed for us!


One Response to “What I did on Summer Vacation (or) My First Trip to Africa (or) Here I am. In Africa.”

  1. Conner Says:

    AWESOME! Airplane food… sometimes it can surprise you, sort of like the elderly lady being escorted out by the police.

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