Selena in Seattle! – February 2009

So it’s NOW November 2009 and I’m blogging about February of this year… yikes… I need to catch up! I’m going to take this opportunity of being injured to do JUST THAT!

~ ~ ~

I was excited to have the tour go to Seattle for so many reasons.

1) I have loved Seattle since I first visited when I was 9.  So much so that I applied to the University of Washington when I was considering schools and was accepted, but decided not to go there after the 12 hour flight (with layovers) it took to get there from Florida. (Oh, and a boyfriend I had at the time was also a factor in that decision, since he was staying in Orlando!)

B) Randomly, I have a bunch of friends that live there, including one of my closest friends and President of the school when I was VP (see? I’m STILL a nerd…) Steve!

One of my friends, Lucas, is a marine stationed near by! He went with me to our opening night party! Everyone was impressed- hehe.

3) Seattle is just an ALL AROUND awesome town!!

The first weekend we were in town happened to be Valentines Day, so we went to Steve’s V-Day Party! It was SO fun and it’s always great to see Steve. We had to wear these little ribbons to tell people whether we were single (green), taken (red) or “other” (yellow) I don’t remember what the yellow ribbon meant, but I guess it was for people who aren’t sure they wanted to date anyone at the party, and therefore had an excuse like “Oh, see I’m IN a relationship but it’s so new… I just grabbed a yellow one,” and then they can walk away without crushing the persons’ spirit. Needless to say, I wore red.

Steven and I “trying out” his awesome tub!!

The next weekend was eventful and so much fun! I hung out with Steve again and after an awesome lunch of the most famous mac and cheese ever, Beechers (well what other mac and cheese have YOU heard of besides Velveta?!) I dragged him to the Aquarium on the waterfront. It was a cute little aquarium that was small, but fun!

Us being like the statues!

Steve and I in the Seattle Aquarium

That Monday, which is our day off, Kendra and I took a drive out to my favorite wine-makers, Chateau St. Michelle and tasted some really tasty wines!

It would take Kendra and I FOREVER to drain that keg of wine!

(Well, maybe not thaaat long… hehe)

After another week of shows, I went to my first game of WHIRLYBALL!! This sport is awesome!! It’s like if Jai Lai and Bumper Cars had a baby- that’s what Whirlyball would be. It is totally addictive, believe it or not, and SO much fun! Fast paced, competitive, and you really can’t help but laugh at your friends ramming each other with their bumper cars while they’re trying to shoot a whiffle ball into a net. Hilarious.

My Whirly Ball Team!
The picture on the left is a nice pic,

the one on the left is our ‘game face’ pic!

Levi came to visit me in Seattle to

see his first Broadway show ever- and I was in it! =)

Levi and I explore Pike Place Market!

On Wednesday, Levi came to visit for a few days and we had a little ‘make up’ Valentines Day, since he couldn’t be in town for the real thing. We had SO MUCH fun,  of course, exploring Seattle. We visited the Needle, naturally, and Pike’s Market, as well as the Experience Music Project and Sci-Fi Museum and Hall of Fame! (again, nerd… but at least I had a fellow nerd with me! Hehe)

We were really excited to see and go up the Space Needle…

Us rockin’ out at the Experience Music Project!



We also went to a 9:00 am showing of WATCHMEN, a movie after one of my most FAVORITE graphic novels. (Ok… comic books… wow, the nerdienss of this post is starting to concern me…) It was AWESOME, contrary to popular belief. =) And guess what Levi got me for my Valentines Day present?!? ALL WATCHMEN PARAFANALIA!! It was AWESOME.

My Watchmen obsession went to a whole new level in Seattle… =)





On Sunday I played some more Whirlyball (I TOLD you it was addictive!) and Monday hung out with the cubs in our show (the young Simbas and Nalas) but started to feel a little under the weather…. I had NO idea what was coming! For the rest of the week I was completely LAID OUT with the WORST flu of my life! (Actually, the ONLY flu of my life that I could recall!) It was so bad at one point I couldn’t get out of bed to go get my prescription filled! I had to call one of my amazing friends to help me out! Kendra, my ‘Big Sister” on the tour really helped me out later in the week when I was too weak to get out of bed to get food and water! Terrible! I was so sick I had to cancel a trip to NYC between cities and go straight to East Lansing… boo. And you KNOW I had to be near my death bed to miss a visit with Levi! Yeah, It was basically the worst week ever. No pictures from that, sorry to disappoint. =)

And sadly, that is how I ended my AWESOME month in Seattle! Came in with a bang, went out with a cough.



2 Responses to “Selena in Seattle! – February 2009”

  1. MalMola Says:

    I love that picture of you and Levi with you in your lioness costume. That headdress looks hard to dance in!

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