A party, reactions, and an FAQ! – December 27, 2008

FIrst, before you read this, you must know that one week from today is my last day flying at Festival of the Lion King, and also my BIG Going Away Party! If you’re reading this, your invited. (I want everyone I’ve ever known in Orlando to come!!!) So check out my flyer at your stage (I sent it around to all the Disney stages) or my invite on my MySpace or Facebook and COME SEE ME ONE LAST TIME!!!!

Ok, you may now continue with the blog…

~ ~ ~

Ten of the funniest, most memorable, or common reactions to my “life changing news” found in my last blog, in no particular order….

(Or, if you don’t want to scroll through one of the longest blogs in all creation, it is that I am joining the national Broadway tour of the Lion King in January. But it’s said in a much more clever and witty way in the blog. At least I’d like to believe that it is…)

~ ~ ~

10.”AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” or *shreiiikkkk!* or *screams!!” (Usually accompanied with running in place, jumping up and down, and widening of eyes)
– Various people, including but not limited to Rachel, from Capones.

9. *SLAP!* “Shut up! Are you serious?”
-A slap from a new player at FoLK, resulting in a small, faint bruise on my thigh.

10. “WOW. Wooow. Wowwwww. Wwwwooowwww. Wwwow. wow.”
– My brother David

“I am SO excited for you! I’ve already told my parents!”
-Various people, even people I don’t know all that well, and to whom I definitely don’t know their parents.

“Hi, nice to meet you, I am SO happy for you!”
-Various people at the various holiday parties I’ve been to lately that somehow knew the news before I even met them.

“Are you the girl that just got Lion King?”
-A waitress at a local restaurant who also works at Disney who somehow found out before I even sat down at her table to eat.

4. Photobucket

A picture that Sean, Levi’s manager and owner of Axis Magazine, a magazine I wrote for briefly in high school, made me!


A cookie bouquet that my best friend Megan sent me!

2. “Well if you didn’t take it I would have fired you. That way you would have had to take it!”
– Andy, a stage manager at Festival of the Lion King

1. Congratulations!!!! *next breath* I need headshots before you go!
– Various people, also one of the most common reactions

~ ~ ~

Other than fielding these common reactions, there is a standard set of questions people are asking, so I thought a normal FAQ on my situation was in order.

Common Question #1: Where are you going?
Answer: All over. There is only one national tour now, Gazelle, which used to be the East Coast tour. Cheetah, the west coast tour, closed a little while ago. So we cover the West and East Coasts, even a little bit of Canada and Alaska!

Common Question #2: Are you coming to Orlando?
Answer: Unfortunately, not for the foreseeable future. We are booked though to 2011, and the closest we’re coming is Norfolk, VA. When I get permission from my managers that it’s ok to let you know where I’m going, I’ll post my schedule on my blog.

Common Question #3: How long is the contract? How long will you be gone?
Answer: That’s a hard one to answer, because the contract is indefinite, meaning it doesn’t technically end until I want it to, which is great and scary at the same time. It’s been weird to say that I don’t know when I’ll ever see anyone again, since I don’t know when I’ll be done with the tour!

Common Question #4: What will you be doing in the show?
Answer: I will be a gazelle! I’m actually replacing one of my friends who used to dance with my sister in Hubbard Street, and she will be becoming my dance captain!

Common Question #5: Are you excited?
Answer: Another hard one to answer. I’m excited, yes, but also nervous to be doing something I’ve never done before, and sad to be leaving Disney, which has been such an amazing 2 years of my life. I’m actually a little heartbroken to be leaving my role as a Bird at Festival of the Lion King and all my friends there. They have all made me feel so welcome into the family that is there at the stage that leaving them is quickly becoming a very difficult thing to do!!

Common Question #6: When are you leaving? When is your last day at FoLK?
Answer: My last day at FoLK is January 3rd, so everyone better come see me while they can! My flight is on January 5th.

Common Question #7: Where do you go to rehearse? When is your opening day?
Answer: I fly straight to Tempe, AZ to join the tour right away. We rehearse for four weeks out there in whatever theater we’re performing in, then I have my debut February 3rd, 2009!

Common Question #8: What does your family think, what did Levi say?
Answer: Well, that’s a funny question: You would think that since I’ve moved back in with my parents they would be a LITTLE sad to see me go… their reaction? “GO! See ya! We’ll visit!” haha. Levi’s was the same. He’s in New York anyway, so he’s been flying down here to see me every month. So now when comes to see me, we’ll be in a different city every time! It’s like he’s going on tour too! So of course he’s ecstatic.

~ ~ ~

If there’s any other questions that I didn’t answer here, of course you can write me. (Goodness, I feel like one of those awful Microsoft FAQ’s- feel free to contact customer service with any other questions you may have…)

Other than reactions and questions, my life has exploded in that I’m so busy I don’t know what to do with myself. The #1 reaction on the list up there is no joke- I’ve booked 5 head shots in the last few days! Working right up to the end at FoLK too! (I’m not going to give up days when I am not really ready to leave in the first place!) But I will say to all those people I won’t be able to shoot, 1) My family lives here so I’ll be back every few months, so I can do head shots when I’m here (And no, I won’t mind doing it when I’m visiting!) and 2) There is a great photographer at Nemo named Jim whose work is really maturing well. I worked with him at Sea World and he’s really doing well with his photography. Also, there’s another Nemo-er named Hayden who is just starting up as well. There’s TONS of great photographers around, just go find one that fits what you’re looking for! And if you still really want me to shoot you (to which I would be so flattered!) we can do it in April when I’m back to visit! =)

Anywho, like everyone, I just got sick (fighting it with every vitamin C product I can find!), I’m wrapping presents like it’s my job, and I haven’t started packing a lick. So we’ll see how the week after Christmas goes! If I survive and make it out to Tempe with any luggage packed, I will be AMAZED!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


3 Responses to “A party, reactions, and an FAQ! – December 27, 2008”

  1. bob Says:

    wow selena! i really am so happy for you! this is going to change your life and life changing experiences are always a good thing! anyway, just wanted to say good luck with your new year and new life! i am always thinking of you! luv lex

  2. Michael Says:

    Man! I wish I could get down to Tempe for the debut! Mike’s family lives in Mesa, so it’s easy for us to get down there – it’s just that school is in the way of EVERYTHING. I hope you have a great time! (I’m sure you will) and if you ever land in Salt Lake, Mike and I’ll be sure to come down for a visit!

  3. Michael Says:

    By the way, that last comment was actually from me, Mal. I just forgot to change identity.

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