A blog a year in the making…. (AKA a year late…) -September 1, 2008

Well, I’m finally here. My Mid-Twenties.

And I must say…. lots has changed.

I’m now around 5″6, blonde, and blue eyed!

Ok, not THAT much… but a few things…. let’s see, the last time I blogged… I had just gotten back from Puerto Rico?!?! Wow, that was a while ago. Let’s see… this will take a few entries I think…. (Since someone recently said to me that they think my blogging is funny because when I do get the time to update everyone, it takes up the entire Live Journal Friends page!!! How rude of me….) hehe

~ ~ ~

October-December (That Scary Season of Joy!) :

Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful, as usual. During Halloween I did Halloween Horror Nights again, and scared people half-to-death, which has turned out to be one of my favorite things to do during that season. (Is that bad? Oh well.) I also performed in Disney’s Halloween Show (Although, to my dismay, it didn’t involve scaring people…. shocked, I know) called “Villains Mix and Mingle.” We had the MOST fun and got to perform with all the scary Disney Villains on the Castle stage, so that was awesome!

~ ~ ~

January (Viva Las Vegas!) :

For New Years, I got to perform with Jimmy Buffet, Donna Summer, Little Richard, Bono, and Elvis!! (Ok, so they were impersonators, but still! They were awesome!!!) It was a really fun gig in North Carolina where we were back-up dancers for all of these impersonators. They were absolutely amazing- Little Richard later transformed into BONO!!!!!! (Just try wrapping your imagination around THAT one!)

I also flew out to Vegas and LA to audition for Cirque du Soliel and a Broadway show with a really good friend, Janelle. We had SO much fun, and I even won $100! (Well, not of my own money… ok, here’s the story… we met this group of guys who were older and married, so we felt ok talking to them. They were really nice, so when one of them invited me to watch him play blackjack, I did. At first, he was losing, but when I joined him at the table, he started winning- and BIG! He figured I was his lucky charm, so he asked me to play, but I didn’t have any money, so he let me play, with HIS chips!! At first, I lost a lot… but then, we started winning. And winning. And winning!!!

Eventually, everyone at the table was convinced I was lucky, and the typical Vegas stand-by “Old-Lady-In-Leopard-Print” lady was next to me, declaring in a loud voice how lucky I was and how she wanted to sit next to me! It was HILARIOUS!!!!
Finally, my nerve left me, and I said goodnight, but before I could leave, he offered me the winnings- ALL of it. It was somewhere between $300-$500!!! I couldn’t take his money like that (and how would I explain the windfall to Levi???) So I tried to beg off, but he kept insisting, so finally I compromised and left with $100. Not bad for not putting a penny down, huh?

~ ~ ~

February (A Soggy Romance):

Oh February, the month of love… Valentine’s Day was Levi’s turn this year (I planned our anniversary later this year) so I let him plan the whole day… and he did a great job! He instructed me to get in the car and didn’t tell me where we were going. I LOVE surprises like this, but when he passed all the Orlando exits, I kinda got nervous. I had kinda figured that he would just take to me to the parks or something, but when we whizzed past Universal, Sea World and Disney, I was thoroughly confused. An hour later, I finally had figured it out- He was taking me to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa!

It was SO beautiful, a great facility, with lots of fun animals like penguins, sharks, and otters! We finished the day at a really cute Steakhouse outside a mall we found. (I had to find a mall for some jeans, I wasn’t prepared for the night chill!) The next day, when I got back to work, I told all my friends about my super ‘romantic’ day, and they all laughed, declaring that he must really love me…. taking me to an aquarium and all! (I’m such a nerd! That an aquarium is romantic to me… hehe! But it was!!!)

~ ~ ~

Ok, that’s enough reminiscing for the moment, I’ll keep updating you until you’ve reached present day! (It’s like a time machine! haha…)

Stay tuned….


2 Responses to “A blog a year in the making…. (AKA a year late…) -September 1, 2008”

  1. ML Says:

    You updated your blog!!! Yahoo!! Ok, ok, I won’t make too much of it…but I really want you to do it again! I love reading it–you may know that Levi isn’t much of a letter-writer, and his emails often consist of “Watch this” followed by a link. Keep it up Selena!

  2. Maine Mom Says:

    Sounds like a fun year so far. 🙂

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