Ahhh, the irony… – July 25, 2006


we’re quickly coming to the end of this odyssey.

Only 99 more hours left until we all go home.

And after spending the last 6 months with some of the most amazing friends I’ve ever had…

I get to go home to an empty house.

(well, I must admit, my kitty is there… but still)

(Hmmmm… this is not unlike the ending to my month-long backpacking trip around Europe two years ago… I got a cab home to an empty house, since my parents were out of town. Turns out I didn’t pack my keys, so I had locked myself out, and climbed into my top window of my two story house via a HUGE ladder. Hilarious. Even funnier when my Dad called and told me a hurricane was coming, and to bring all of the 60 potted plants in the courtyard into the house.
I thought he was joking.
Little did I know that
A) he was not, and
B) it was the first of FOUR hurricanes that year…

but anyway….)

Levi’s working, and my parents are going to be out of town. As if this wasn’t bad enough…

they asked me to drive the truck they leave at the airport home for them to save them money.

*sigh*, the irony.

Everyone here in my cast thinks it’s hilarous.

They also think everyone at home is planning some big surprise for me.

I told them it really wasn’t their style.

Mostly, everyone thinks it’s funny.
And I must admit…. I kinda do too.

(Right, the idea of me lugging my HUGE bags full of my life for the past four months through an airport, into a car parking lot down the street from the airport, into the truck, then driving myself home to an empty house, and then lugging them upstairs is a real laugh riot.)


2 Responses to “Ahhh, the irony… – July 25, 2006”

  1. Saipan Chamoale Says:

    I met Levi’s mom last night. The whole family sings your praises.

  2. Selena Says:

    hmm… I’ve got them all fooled.

    don’t tell them the truth….

    they dont’ know about my glass eye.

    haha, just kidding.

    (It’s actually plaster of paris!)

    hehe, no really.

    That’s really sweet!

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