One down, two to go… – June 2, 2006

I’ve done it.

Well, part of it, at least.

The whole point of this job was to save money, right? (Well that, dance, dive, and have fun… but whatever)

Well, because of my injury (and my lack of will power to say “no” to any shore excursion that anyone thinks of…) I haven’t saved much money.

BUT- I did do one great thing.

I paid off one of my three credit cards.


Ok, so it was the $300 one, and I still have two others with slightly bigger balances, but you gotta celebrate something, right?

Well, to celebrate, I’m getting a new laptop.

haha, yes. You read right.

I sold mine. (It was possessed by the devil or some evil spirit that liked to crash it anyway. I sold it for a really nice price to a guy on board) And now I’m getting a cute new 12 inch Apple Powerbook in two weeks.

How’s THAT for a celebration? (I celebrate saving by spending…. hmmm)


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