A major costume malfunction, an expensive present, and the best-est birthday ever! – May 28, 2006

Presenting………. a three-fold post.

~ ~ ~
A major costume malfunction…
~ ~ ~
I just got put into the Billy Joel number “Only the Good Die Young,” a fast and furious dance with us in sparkly tops and huge and heavy golden skirts.

The piece is fun and technically challanging at times, so it’s really enjoyable. Well, I had a little too much fun that night, apparently.

The whole piece was going well. I was hitting my turns and blocking nicely, for the second time I’ve done it, ever, when, near the VERY end, I do a tour (to-ur, verb: a turning jump in the air) and I circle my arms around, and clip the front button on that heavy, gold skirt. (Oh yes, did I mention that some brilliant costume designer decided to keep these skirts on with BUTTONS? Yeah. Great)

thrrrrrrip!!!!!! My skirt whirrled off of me in one fell swoop.

And ironically, my two best friend on board, Ryan and Anglea, were RIGHT in front of me to see it all.

(I’ll never live THAT down…)

But they said I ran off stage gracefully, at least. I don’t quite remember what I did, to be honest. I just bolted.

Matt, my partner, ran off stage after me. He found me doubled over laughing in the wings. “Aren’t you gonna put it back on?” He asked, breathlessly.

No. Way.

But the show must go on, so I changed into the next section’s costume (Stevie Wonder) and danced like nothing had happened.

~ ~ ~
An expensive present
~ ~ ~
I’ve never been one to buy myself birthday present. Daddy always does that. He buys himself that radial saw he’s always wanted, wraps it, and addresses it to himself, from us.


So, this year, I took a few pages from his book.

I found this BEAUTIFUL antique necklace at an antique store in Galveston that made my heart stop. An original, from the 30’s or 40’s my friend at the store said. I had to think about it for a week, but I said if it was there next Sunday, it was meant to be mine.

And what did you know? It sure was.

I didn’t wear it until the 26th, though, so that was good of me…

But what I did next wasn’t.

I will NOT under ANY circumstances reveal the price of this, my most expensive birthday present… but let’s just say it made Levi speechless for a moment…

I finally got myself a digital underwater camera.


Ok, here’s my logic. I live ON THE OCEAN. I’m in the water EVERY WEEK. And I’ll be diving FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

That being said, it’s an amazing camera.

8 megapixels, complete manual control of shutter speed, apature, exposure, etc… and you can take it out of the casing (which is HUGE since it’s designed to go to 120 ft!) and it’s a tiny little thing when it’s out.

Anyway, it’s my largest semi-impulse buy (if you can count something I’ve wanted for 2 years now an impulse…) and I couldn’t be happier.

My bank account on the other hand is hurtin’ to say the least….

~ ~ ~
The best-est birthday ever (The only thing missing was all of YOU Orlando people! THEN it would have been the most perfect-est birthday ever!)
~ ~ ~
It started innocently enough. I put my birthday plans up on my now-infamous whiteboard. (I’m like the Excursions Desk for the Dancers. I plan all of our little outings now. Fun with a capital F!)

Playa Mia during the day (a beach in Cozumel) then the Windjammer for dinner (a passenger area restraunt) and then Viking Crown at night (the disco on board).

To be honest, I kinda just expected the dancers to come. I invited everyone from the Captain down to come, but you know, they all say “Yeah, we’ll be there!” and then don’t show up.

Well, that didn’t happen.

Most everyone I invited came to one of those three events.

So. Much. Fun.

The morning was great, people jumping on me, running into my room screaming birthday wishes. Chris, my shopping guide boss, got both Judy and I (her bithday was the 23rd) bubble blowers, which we made great use of at the beach.

Playa Mia was goregous. We went snorkling, played volleyball, ate great Mexican food, and a real-live mariachi band sang Happy Birthday to me! Then, we tackled the ice berg.

Now, you wouldn’t think Mexico would be famous for ice bergs, but these are legendary.

They’re inflatable.

And way too much fun.

But ANYWAY, we all piled on top of this one and took hilarious pictures. I even got a ride into the beach from the rescue boat! (How I talked him into that I’ll never remember… but it was funny at the time)

After the beach, we all took disco naps (what my sister calls it when you sleep before you go out. -Again, in our cases) and then dragged ourselves out of bed to the Windjammer. The WHOLE cast was there (except Franchesco, who slept… he was on the bad list for a little bit…) and we took some great pictures. Ryan even arranged for the kitchen to make me a cake! (A feat which took him most of the morning to accomplish!!) Then everyone sang to me again and we feasted on the beautiful, and delicious, cake!

Then, another quick disco nap, before the main event… the Viking Crown! This was where everyone who was working during the day ended up showing up. SO many people were there, and we had SO much fun taking hilarous pictures and dancing the night away to 80’s music. Drew, our cruse director (and kinda my boss) even came and took me to the Solarium for pizza! (Usually a big no-no, but with Drew, everything’s A-OK!)

Eventually, I made it back to bed for the longest disco nap ever…

And recovered for most of the next day.


Who knew turning 23 could be so tiring?


4 Responses to “A major costume malfunction, an expensive present, and the best-est birthday ever! – May 28, 2006”

  1. ML Says:

    Happy birthday, Selena! Hey, and a new addition to the vernacular: “I’m so happy, I could twirl right out of my skirt!!”

  2. ML Says:

    By the way…we’ll be watching for posts of some of those underwater pics!

  3. Selena Says:

    Hehe, you got it Mrs. C! Yeah, I must have had a great birthday to dance right out of my costume like that… hehe.

  4. Mallory Says:

    Mum’s got a point! I wanna see pictures of this cake dang it! Happy birthday girl! You rock, just try not to quite so hard next time! Later!

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