Pictures, finally…. (Thanks Angelo!) – May 21, 2006

Alrighty, there has been a demand for pictures, so here you go…

This is my “home” for the next few months… pretty, no?

This is my cast! We’re in costume for our Finale in Piano Man. We dance to “City Rhythm,” a Barry Manilo song.

This is from the first time we ate in the Windjammer, a passenger cafe. Usually we’re not allowed to eat there unless we get special permission, but when we have a show while the Crew Mess (that’s where we eat and yes, it is as bad as it sounds…) is closed. So Piano Man days, we get to eat there. This was back when we were all excited about that. Now, I rarely go because you have to be in uniform, wear a nametag, and look nice for food that’s not that much better than the Crew Mess anyway.

These pictures go back in time a little bit. This was our first day departing from Galveston. We were all really excited and happy to be on board.

This is a composite I made of my goregous friend Gareth. We had a little mini photoshoot one day for our bios that run before each show, and Gareth and Kristen and I stayed after for our own little photoshoot. (I love photography, and all my friends here are just so beautiful, it would be a waste not to take pictures of them!

This is Kristen’s composite. These are just mock-ups of what a real composite would look like. In a real composite, however, the inset pictures would be different “looks,” like casual, fashion, glam, etc. This was just for fun. I showed the cast, though, and now everyone wants one!


2 Responses to “Pictures, finally…. (Thanks Angelo!) – May 21, 2006”

  1. ML Says:

    Beautiful ship, fun friends! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. the p.i.c. Says:

    Hey Selena,

    I posted some pictures of Saipan critters on my work blog. You should check them out.

    When are you and Levi coming out here? You’d love it!

    Emily and I just finished our SCUBA certification and we are looking forword to exploring the reefs out here.

    Glad life is treating you well!

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