A date with myself – May 20, 2006

So, in between dancing (also known as “work.” haha, riiiight) and having a generally good time, Saturdays strike.

And they stink.

Saturday is the last day of the cruise. It’s a sea day, ’cause we’re hauling tail from Cozumel to Galveston, and therefore there’s NOTHING to do.

I kid you not.

Laundry looks FUN on a Saturday.

Nathan and I were discussing canceling all Saturdays all together… but we decided we like them when we’re not on board, and it would generally mess with the entire world order as we know it (calendar companies would go under, the economy would fail, etc. etc.) so we decided against it.

But anyway, on top of such a boring day, I got some bad news last night. Levi can’t come visit on Tuesday when we’re in Key West. It’s Judy’s birthday that day, and my birthday is three days after that (the 26th), AND Levi and my one year anniversary is the day after THAT (the 27th).

And I won’t get to see him.

And I don’t know when I will again, since we only go to Key West every other week.

In reality, I probably won’t see him until August.


So I was really sad, and cried a bit last night and this morning (Pride and Prejudice was on, which didn’t help. Darn romantic movies…) so after languishing in bed for a bit in my own little pity party, I got up and asked myself out on a date.

I do this every once in a while. I go to a place alone and do whatever would make me happy. Once I took myself to the beach and photographed all of the jellyfish that had washed up on the shore, then treated myself to ice cream. (My dates usually involve sweets and photography… two things that make me very happy)

Anyway, I went to Deck 5 where it’s open to the sea and pulled up a chair. It was a beautiful blue day and the sea was rolling by quite happily. I read my book, (Excellent book, by the way. Daddy sent it to me. It’s about evolutionary psychology, which is basically evolution applied to psychology. ….. Yeah, you can say it. I’m a nerd.) wrote in my journal, and took pictures of the ship and the sapphire blue water around me.

Oh, and I treated myself to Ben and Jerry’s, of course. =)

So, feeling much better, I decided to look at my situation a little differently. Instead of being super sad about Levi not coming (which I still am a little) I saw it as an opportunity to hang out with my very good ship-friends, especially Judy, the birthday girl, and have a great time in Key West with all of them, because in ten weeks, this life that I’ve really become accustomed to (and actually sort of love?!?!) is going to come to an end, whether I’m ready for it or not…


One Response to “A date with myself – May 20, 2006”

  1. Pavan.t.kumar Says:

    Wounderfull …..”A date with my self”

    i really liked ur attitude and and ur sensitivness


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