Favorite quote of yesterday- "Yeaaa! This is so fun!" -May 10, 2006

Alright, I have a confession to make.

I’ve lived in Florida for 20 years. I’ve been to Disney, I’ve seen Gatorland, yes, I’ve done it all.

Or so I thought.

In all those years, I have never, ever….

ridden on a jetski.

*collective gasp!*

So, yesterday, a SLEW of people (led by Broadcast Bart, our video guy, and followed my Wildke, Matt, Kelly, Mike, Ryan, Angela, Shannon, and random members of Judy’s family who are visiting from Michigan) went jetskiing.

And I’ve never had so much fun being so scared.

Throughout the entire time, Catherine and I kept saying “Yeaaa! This is so fun!” About EVERYTHING. We got to sign some papers. That was fun. We got to get lifevests. Again, fun. We got to get on our jetskii. Look at how much fun we were having. And when we took off, well, I don’t need to tell you that we were freaking out.

We just kept screaming the whole time, and yelling “This is so much fun!”


Ryan came late from a surprise man overboard drill (he’s a deck cadet and has to do a lot of stupid things like practicing Oscar drills -man overboard- Like that ever really happens, right? haha) and had to ride with Mike, so Catherine and I felt bad for them having to ride with another boy (although I’m sure Mike didn’t mind.. haha) so we switched and I rode with Ryan.

Big mistake.

Ryan is from Newfoundland and not only does he ride snowmobiles, but he owns one. (With a matching jumpsuit, naturally. hahaa) And he was hell-bent on scaring the daylights out of me. (Whatever that means) He kept doing donuts and turning really fast to splash me. But he wasn’t half as bad as Mike was to Catherine.

We took off shortly after switching and we got to do some freestyling. Mike took that to heart, and whipped around so fast Catherine flew off the back! Ryan and I stopped to help, and she was bobbing in the water lamenting the loss of her new $20 sunglasses.

Truly a priceless moment.

Apparently, Kelly got thrown off by Matt three times! (Ryan KNEW better than to try that with me)

I even got to try my hand at driving the thing, and let me tell you what, it’s addictive. Bart goes EVERY SINGLE Key West. He’s obsessed.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried it yet, I HIGHLY reccomend it. Especially if you’re in Florida, ’cause you know every other person seems to own one at home.


4 Responses to “Favorite quote of yesterday- "Yeaaa! This is so fun!" -May 10, 2006”

  1. Saipan Chamoale Says:


    The world wants pictures!

  2. Selena Says:

    But I don’t know how to put them on here! Inform me, please!

  3. Saipan Chamoale Says:

    On the page where you load your post there is picture icon. Click on it. See what happens.

    Come on, if your boyfriend’s MOM can do…

  4. Selena Says:

    Hey now, she’s like a genius. I simply aspire to her greatness, alright?

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