My Top Three – April 20, 2006

Due to a clerical error, this blog is brought to you by the fact that I was supposed to be in stupid new hire training today, but I wasn’t on the list, so I pretended like I had already had that part of training while I was on board before. Yesss…..

~ ~ ~

My favorite things about coming back:
1. My WELCOME HOME post-it notes on my door from my cast mates, who all missed me, apparently.

2. Random people welcoming me back as I walk around the halls. (I don’t even recognise some of them!)

3. Starting to dance again.

My least favorite things:
1. The fact that those cute post-it notes were supposedly a “fire hazard” and were torn down by some cleaning person and thrown away. (Stupid flammable pieces of paper..)

2. Getting the “Welcome Back” stare-down by random crew. One word: Eww.

3. Feeling my body begin to ache all over from stiffness and out-of-shape-ness.

But all in all, I love being back. I miss Levi a lot, and we’re having technical difficulties in talking for some reason. His texts aren’t working on his phone, or something… so that’s tough.

But I love hanging out with my castmates and getting comfortable on the ship again. It’s happening much faster than last time, naturally. We watched tapes of American Idol that Kristen’s mom tapes for her and sends every couple of weeks. It’s so cute- they try to avoid seeing the outcomes on the internet or in supermarkets when we’re in port, but when the next American Idol is crowned, I think it’ll be hard to avoid seeing who it is before her next installment of tapes arrive…

We swam in the pool today too! We can only swim when there’s less than 5 guests in the pool, so Grand Caymens day is the only day we can do it. (Everyone is off ship in this beautiful port)

And we have our first show since I’ve been back tonight! I get to do Hair and Rent, so that’s cool. Not my old track though, so that’s a challenge. I’m glad I”m going in gradually, though, seeing as how sore I am already…

Well, as my friend Dan put it so perfectly, “On with the show!”


4 Responses to “My Top Three – April 20, 2006”

  1. ML Says:

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog–keep it up!

  2. Selena Says:

    Thank you! I enjoy reading yours (and writing mine!) as well!

  3. Mallory Says:

    here’s a “Welcome Back” cyber note. SEE THEM TEAR THIS DOWN! HA!

  4. Selena Says:

    haha, love it Mal! Thanks!

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