Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER leave your purse alone. Ever. – March 15, 2006

Especially in Chicago.

~ ~ ~

I was helping my sister decide whether she was going to buy the dress or not.

My purse was in our dressing room.

We were no more than ten feet away.

We were gone for no more than two minutes.

We assumed that was safe. We assumed no one would take it in a dressing room.

We were wrong.

~ ~ ~

My passport, social security card, ID, credit cards, debit card, planner, diving card, my watch, my favorite rings, recipts, EVERYTHING is gone.

And now I’m stuck in Chicago until my wonderful parents can get at least five forms of proof that I exist to me so that I can get a new passport.

~ ~ ~

I cried and cried and cried.

I shouted to everyone in the store we were in that it didn’t have any money, the cards were cancelled, and I just needed my planner and passport. That if they left the purse somewhere, I promised not to press charges.

Sympathetic looks were all I got from anyone.

~ ~ ~

I could take this hard.

I could look at this as one more thing in a line of very unfortunate events in my life right now.

And to be completely honest, I kind of am.

But I’m really, really trying not to.

I’m trying to tell myself that now I can get a new, really cute wallet. A really great purse. A new watch, cute rings, a new planner to fill with new events.

Everything happens for a reason.
Even the bad things.

~ ~ ~

My friend Todd told me “Hey, at least you were looking for stuff to write in your blog, now you have it.”


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