Blogging slacker, future bridesmaid! (And the McGyver Adventure) – March 13, 2006

Wow. And I was doing so well….

Well I hope I haven’t lost my “fan base” due to my lag in blogging… hehe. Oh well, the loyal ones always come back (read: Family).

Anyway, I’m still in Chicago. I’ve been pretty busy amusing my baby cousin with my sprained-back antics during her visit. She’s at BU and was here for her Spring Break. (Which is funny becuase usually college kids go to Cancun or Florida… where do we go? Freezing Chicago. Ha. Ha. -Yeah, I didn’t think it was funny either.)

Therapy is going well. I get prodded and poked every day by doctors and therapists, then do exercises until my muscles burn, walk to the car in the freezing weather, and then go home to lay down on an ice pack. (Ironic, no?) But, on the up side, someone somewhere finally decided that massage is a kind of ‘therapy’ (Bless them, whoever they are) so I think I get to have a massage every time I see a certain therapist. (yesss….)

But hopefully I’ll be coming home soon. Big news from home is that my best friend Yadhira, is engaged (but that’s not the new big news…) and she asked me to be a bridesmaid! How exciting is that?? (As long as the dresses aren’t pink lace or something…)

Anyway, while I have been slacking, a few funny things have happened to me.

One being that I met McGyver.

No, not the actor with a mullet.

The REAL guy.

Well, at least the guy that McGyver is based off of, sofar as we can tell.

It all started at the self-checkout line in the local Jewel…

*Cue wavey lines, indicating a flashback*

I was happily scanning my items, fufilling a secret childhood dream of being a register girl at a supermarket, when my bank card slipped out of my hands…

and into a TINY crack in the self-checkout desk.

I looked everywhere, thinking that it COULDN’T have REALLY fallen into that tiny crack, I mean what are the chances? But after careful examination, I saw the gleam of Bank of America peering out of the dusty darkness.


So I called over the register girl. Slightly jealous of her job, I ask her if she can open the desk so I can slip my hand under the crack and get my card. No can do, she replied. (Although she did fiddle and prod at the desk in a futile manner for a few minutes first.)

So I’m about to walk away, card-less, when a guy appears out of nowhere in a green vest. First, he tries to sell me some program where you can pay with your fingerprint and hands me a brochure for it. I thank him and promptly fold the brochure into a skinny apparatus to fish out my card. (With no luck)

Seeing my predicament, he fumbles with the problem himself. (By now I’ve attracted a crowd of a few shoppers and register girls. I muse briefly about jumping on one of their registers for a joy ride, scanning the shoppers groceries with that ever satisfying ‘beep!’, but quickly dismiss the idea.)

Then, in a stroke of genius, he pulls out a piece of gum. “Let’s try this,” he says gallantly. I start to consider buying his fingerprinting product…

He fishes around in the dark for a bit, then curses under his breath.

My hope starts to flag and I start to thank him for his effort when…

he stood up triumphantly, card in hand.

~ – ~

McGyver, everyone.


One Response to “Blogging slacker, future bridesmaid! (And the McGyver Adventure) – March 13, 2006”

  1. ML Says:

    Oooooo….ahhhhhhh! What can’t one do with chewing gum or duct tape??? I’m glad things are going well for you.

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