A Strange (Old) World… – February 26, 2006

Ok, I can’t lie.

I could say being home is hard.

That the adjustment is difficult.

That the memory of the ship is a painful one, and I wish I was back there now…

But like I said, I can’t lie.

The ONLY reason I want to go back RIGHT NOW is becuase I miss my cast mates so much. (And I really do.) It makes me sad to think about them, yes, because we have so much fun together, but thinking about the tiny ship, my miniscule room, and my aching back as I roll into my top bunk… no, don’t miss all that ship stuff so much. Just the people.

To be honest, being home is wonderful.

I’ve spent time with my dad cutting up a tree that fell across a path in our property, I watched my cat wander around the house for an hour and then took a nap with her in the sun, I’ve cleaned and reorganized Levi’s apartment while he was at work (perversely, that’s actually really fun for me…) I’ve had dinner with my dad and made friends with the Chinese waiter, I got to hang out with my best friend Cindy at the dog park with her puppies and then at Lowes (where they dont’ know how to work those fork lift things… beware…) and I have gotten to spend every waking moment (when he’s not at work) with my favorite person in the world, Levi.

And he’s also incredibly greatful for my unexpected return.

Like two-dozen-roses greatful!!

(They were waiting for me when I got home in a vase, although a little wilted because he had gotten them a few days earlier, during his first flush of excitement after he had first heard I was coming home. Trust me, I didn’t mind. They were still beautiful!)

He’s also kind of sad too, because he knows how badly I want to finish this contract, and the fact that I’m leaving again in a few days to start physical therapy in Chicago. But he knows it’s what I have to do… me not being able to dance is like him not being able to sing, I explained to him.

So on Wednesday I get to start my new adventure in PT (also known as Physical Therapy.) And you’ll never guess who I get to do it with…

The Reverand Jessie Jackson.

(And my sister..)

But yeah, THE Jessie Jackson. He tore his ACL in his knee like my sister and is getting therapy RIGHT NEXT to her. Literally. On the next table over. They see each other every day. In fact, yesterday he asked for her email.


My life is hilarious.

So, off I go again, on another adventure.

I feel a lot happier now that I’m firmly on the road to recovery. I had let myself get into such a negative, sad place on the boat because of all of the pain and waiting around. I had a realization recently, though, that I’m completely in control of my attitude and of this situation. As Levi says, it could be a lot worse. I could have really damaged something, but instead, I’m going to start looking at this as an opportunity to strengthen myself, to get myself not only back to where I was, but further.

I am completely in control of my attitude and how I’m going to deal with this situation, and from now on, I’m going to tackle this and more, with a much more positive outlook.


2 Responses to “A Strange (Old) World… – February 26, 2006”

  1. Mallory Says:

    Excellent! Perfectly fabulous! You are such a great person Selina. And Levi’s roses are astonishing! He can really surprise you with the thought he puts into things.

  2. Selena Says:

    Thank you love! Yeah, when Levi thinks about it, he can be downright romantic!

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