Watch your back…. – February 8, 2006

So, this story involves a ‘donkey kick.’

And, for the dancer-illiterate, before I begin, I must clarify what, exactly, a ‘donkey kick’ is.

It is NOT:
A) A mammal with four legs, fur, and a grumpy disposition.
B) The newest fashion craze sweeping the nation
C) The latest virus sweeping the internet.

It is, rather, a dance move involving your hands on the floor and your body weight on your hands, your legs kicking out in both directions, and landing quickly.

This, in a nut shell, is a donkey kick.

And this, in a nut shell, is how I earned my first major injury.

We were rehearsing at 9:00 pm or so in the gym. We’re having really, REALLY long days right now, from like 10 am to 10 pm, and one day from 8 am to 10 pm. Anyway, we were learning this really intense theme night dance to “We will rock you.” There’s a really physical sequence in it involving jumps, splits, and, of course, a donkey kick.

Well, it’s really hard on your back, to say the least. I had been fine all night, and we were going to run it one last time, and Heather, our choreographer asked us to do it “full out” (dancer for: as hard as you can) So, I did.

And when I came up from my last donkey kick, a small native man jumped out from a bush howling with rage, stabbed me in the back with a long, sharp, silver spear, and darted away with alarming dexterity.

Well, that’s what it felt like, at least.

In actuality, I stood up and went to our final pose, and felt a very, very sharp pain in my lower back. Heather asked if I was ok, to which I groaned “noooo…” and she told me to lie down. So I did.

And found that I couldn’t get back up again.

So I started crying. It was such an extreme pain, and I had never been injured before, so I started freaking out. As usual. *ahem* Aaaanyway…

They kept working, with few people noticing me in my little micro-cosm of pain. Todrick asked if I was ok, and Mike looked concerned. Todrick saw my tears and said “Awww, honey, you’re making me sad!”

Yeah, I was making me sad too. *sniff*

Anyway, Heather kept working, and then noticed my absence, asking where everyone was. Todrick murmered “Well, Selena’s still on the floor…”

Then began the ‘very special episode’ of ER or something. Everyone rushed over, being the sweetest cast on the seas, like they are, and were really concerned. (Gotta love ‘um) I thought if I just laid still for a little I’d feel better soon, but Heather insisted we call 911, which we did, and I was quickly wisked to the medical center, where the sleepy looking doctor prodded my back for a moment and gave me some muscle relaxants and pain killers.

Then the credits rolled and I went back to my top bunk *scoff* and hauled myself in.

*applause, applause*

I’m feeling slightly better today. (About a 6 on the pain scale, down from a 7.5, if you’re wondering)

We think it was just a back spasm, and it’s nothing serious, but I dont’ think I’ll be in the opening night on Friday, which stinks. I dont’ think they’ll send me home (I hope not!) because they’re already sending one dancer home, Mike, for his hip injury, so that stinks.

But I kept a positive attitude the whole time. (After the little freakout/pity party earlier with the crying and whatnot) I just thought about my best friend Yadhira and what she went through with her injury, and Jeremy, my flying trainer who broke his neck cliff diving and was told he shouldn’t have survived, and only four months later was a beautiful aerial artist, and my amazing sister who just tore her ACL and was told she’d be out for six months but she says she gives it three at the most…. I look at all of that and realize how lucky I am.

And how strong I can be.


4 Responses to “Watch your back…. – February 8, 2006”

  1. tony Says:

    Hey Selena…This is Tony… just thought I’d letcha know i’d be lurking possibly commenting….MISS you TONS hope you are having a BLAST…all that work is GREAT experience for you…anyway…what do I know…ALLALLALL my love…

  2. Saipan Chamoale Says:

    Using myspace to up your blog traffic?


    Sorry to hear about the Donkey Kick.

  3. ygaldon Says:

    OMG my beautiful Selena!!! I hope you’re ok. I know that what you’re going through is frustrating but I promise you’ll be ok really soon. Small tip: use heat!!!! If you already iced it right after it happened make sure you heat your back a few times a day to release your muscles.

    Oh, but you do need to ice after you dance so you can reduce inflammation…. FEEL BETTER GORGEOUS!!! I’m thinking about you and sending you lots of hugs and kisses!

  4. ML Says:

    My rating of a painful back injury on a scale of 1 to 10 would be…oh…I’d say a 21! Levi told us about it when I called him today. I hope you feel better.

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