January 7, 2006

Thank God it’s Saturday…

Finally! The last day of our work week.

Yes, it’s six days a week, eight hours a day of dancing.

Yes, my body hates me.

Yes, I’m having the time of my life.

But I miss Levi a bit too much, so I get to go home tonight to see him!

We got one of our new girls. (Two girls from our cast didn’t show up… odd.) Her name is Judy and she’s really sweet. She’s from Michigan but had just moved to NYC to make it as a dancer when she got this call. Get this- her birthday is May 23rd! (Another Gemini in the house… awesome!)

Anyway, the show has been going great. I love all of the pieces and our cast. We learned a really fun, fast piece yesterday that I love, but is pretty intense.

You all should really come see it for yourselves on the ship!

We all can’t wait to ship out. All we’ve heard are stories of sitting around on board and laying out in the sun, getting off at port to go shopping, diving, jet skiing, snorkling…

Oh yeah, and dancing in the occasional show….


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