January 3, 2006

The First Day

Well, I survived!

The girls and I got up for orientation and met ‘our’ boys- a set of very, very sweet boys. (I can say ‘boys’ because they’re all younger than me! Wow! A first!)

They’re awesome, and we were all really excited to start. Orientation was the usual rules and such, blah blah blah. Then we ran for a quick lunch (Miami Subs, yum!) and then hit the marley. (That’s dance floor material, for the un-dance-enlightened.)

We learned a Stevie Wonder piece that Jeremy, my ‘flying’ trainer choreographed. It’s so fun and very stylized- I love it! We partner a lot with the boys, and that was interesting because I was the only girl dancer! (Robyn helped out a little, she can dance too!)

The two other girls are missing in action, and eventally we found out they weren’t coming. Hmmm… so they called another girl and are having her come in Thursday. (Imagine that call. “Hello, stop your life and come dance for us for six months. Be here in two days.” Yikes… two months to leave was bad enough)

Anyway, it was really fun, a little tiring, and I know I’ll be sore for it….

We all piled into my truck to hit Target after work, always a fun experience. Then we heated a little dinner and Miles and D finally came! (She’s the one I ‘flew’ with in Vegas) So we have half of the dancin’ girls….

Any girl out there want to dance for RC?

(juuuuust kidding. Unless you auditioned. You should call them if you have…)

So I guess we’ll catch D up tomorrow… looking foward to more ‘work’ tomorrow…

I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this…


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