January 2, 2006

Welcome to the first day of the rest of my life

Here I am.

Not-too-many-miles-from-home, Hollywood, Florida.

I arrived at our apartment first and alone. No one was there with the fan-fare I expected. Adeliani, my fellow ‘flyer’ is still in Hawaii, but I’m saving a room for her. (Mine!)

I wasn’t sure what room to take- the tiny room with no space, the slightly bigger rooms with not-attached bathrooms, or the largest room with an attached bath and walk in closet.

So I called Adealiani. So I wouldn’t feel guilty for doing the ineviatable.

And took the big room.

I ate a lonely dinner of egg drop soup and sardines. (Sounds gross, really isn’t.)

I’m really living that ‘starving artist’ life- I have around $100 to last me three weeks or so…. hmmm…

Anyway, I indulged in a few hours of mindless MTV before my first roommate came- Katheryn. She’s very nice, French Canadian from Montreal. A singer. Sadly, a slightly sick singer- she came in with a cold!

We chatted and I finally began to unpack.

Then, another knock, and in came Robyn, my next roommate from Grimsby, “straight opposite from Manchester, where the pilgrims are from,” she says.

Very cool girl, seems that she will be the life of this party. Another singer, but she is also a dancer.

I’m still the baby so far, it seems. D (Adealiani’s nick name) is 26, Robyn is 25, and Katheryn is older, I believe.

Another girl came to visit looking for her friend. Her name was D- something. Nice girl, from Australia.

–It’s been a regular UN in here…–

She’s worked a bunch for RC and gave us the low down on dress codes, rules, and the shows we’re doing. Piano Man is amazing, apparently. She thinks I’ll love it.

I already am.


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