January 13, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way back from our physicals…

It’s been a great week, if not a tiring one. (Ok, I’m not sure what that phrase means exactly, but I’ve seen it in books, so it’s gotta be right, right?) Right.

Anyway, we’ve finished our first show, Piano Man. We learn two complete shows and then perform them four times per week. (Twice per show)

Wednesday, we had to go to some mandatory physicals at the doctors office. All in all a hilarous experience. Picture seven dancers and four singers in a doctors office waiting room, goofing off, laughing, joking around, and singing and dancing our different songs and pieces around that waiting room so that we get some ‘homework’ done while we’re away from the studio.

Now imagine the looks we got from the hard-core South Floridians that were there for check ups.

Now imagine the look on the boys’ faces after their physicals… haha, just kidding, don’t. I’ll post pictures later. Gareth was the first to come out and he was pale and violated. He just kept shuddering and muttering “She did it! She really did it! The baaad one!” It was priceless.

So we had taken this van to the office in the morning for the check up, but when they came back to pick us up, they got lost and we ended up sitting around for an hour waiting. Finally, we called and cleared up the confusion, and our ride rolled up.

Our white, stretch Hummer ride.

We freaked out.

No WAY was this our ride?!?! We climbed into the limo in disbelief. I was cracking up and snapping pictures the whole time.

Rolling up in the parking lot of Royal Caribbean Productions was a sight to be seen. When we piled out, one of the office guys ran out and gasped “Did ya’ll just hop out off that thing?”

We all laughed and said yes. And I added “Yeah, that’s right. That’s how the Rhapsody rolls!” (That’s the name of our ship and, therefore, our cast.)

Unabashed, he replied. “Well, it’s coming out of ya’lls per diem then!”

“Right, well, did the Voyager cast tell you that it was their treat? Cause it was…” I backpedaled.

If that’s the way Royal Caribbean rolls, we should all go for physicals more often…


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